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BRO Plan features. Get access to the whole power of Pulsoid

Updated: May 15, 2023

Get advanced features and support Pulsoid

BRO Plan features. Get access to the whole power of Pulsoid

The most important part of the Pulsoid service is you and your content. That’s why we are working on additional features to offer you more value. Now we are presenting a BRO plan for you, we have monthly, annual and lifetime plans, and a free trial is there for you. Activate your BRO plan on the dashboard. Pulsoid stays free with all the basic functionality we offer and a paid plan will allow users to get more control and improve content.

What is new for BROs?

Media widgets

Add your own images, sounds, emotes, GIFs, pictures, videos, and control ranges of appearance. Try it


Heart rate widget on stream show BPM on Twitch, Youtube, Trovo, Facebook

Advanced BPM widget

Set up ranges, upload your own fonts, add a stroke/shadow, and change image animations, all in one place.

Heart rate graph, calories, zones, pulse on stream

Cool widgets

Choose from a variety of fitness widgets, gauge, graph, animated text, MAX, % widget, and special overlays that change with your BPM. Try now


connect your real time heart rate to Discord, Voicemod, Lumia stream, LIV, Vtube, Stream Deck, Beat Saber, VRChat


You can set up third-party apps to react to your heart rate. Discord and IFTTT integrations are using webhooks to trigger actions. Send the new high heart rate with your channel link to the Discord server, post to Twitter, or control your smart lights. And even more with community integrations. Check out all integrations


External sources

Connect your Stromno account and use your watches on Tizen OS 5.5+ to stream heart rate to your Pulsoid account.


Pulsoid x Voicemod, change voice with heart rate

Voice of your heart

Use Pulsoid x Voicemod integration to change your voice in real-time when your heartbeat goes up. Read more


stream sim racing with heart rate

Speed Test Widget

The design features a sleek speedometer-inspired look, with a wide range of customizable settings (over than 15) to help you fine-tune the widget to your liking. Try out


Beat Saber, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, Phasmophobia, Resident Evil, Valorant heart rate on stream

Game style widgets

Customize and use Dead by Daylight, Geometry Dash, Dead Space, Beat Saber, Valorant, Cyberpunk, Phasmophobia, GTA, Resident Evil, Fortnite, Minecraft, and other widgets. Try it


show heart rate on Stream Deck

Stream Deck plugin

It's easy to see your real-time heart rate and connection status with a Stream Deck plugin. Read more


change lights color with heart rate on stream

Light up your heart

Use Pulsoid x Lumia Stream integration to make lighting respond directly to the changes of your heartbeat. Get more information


Custom font upload

In case you have a font that fits your stream perfectly, this feature is just for you! So add the Advanced BPM or Speed test widget, upload your font, and make your stream even brighter.



We are developing an API to make it possible for other tools and developers to integrate. Submit a feature request here to get notified first.

It’s all that we have for now and it’s free for everyone to try with a trial. Request trial on the dashboard. We will add more advanced features really soon!



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