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How to add your real time heart rate to your stream

Updated: Feb 20

There are millions of streamers going live each month. No wonder capturing new viewers' attention yet alone keeping them invested in your content can become a difficult task to say the least. Keeping your content interesting is a must as well as a fair bit of luck. While Pulsoid can't quite conjure the gods of algorithms to constantly feature your content on the front page, it can help you maximise your chances by providing a tool that will amplify your streams' expressiveness, making your overlay stand out, and creating deeper emotional connections with your viewers.


Use Pulsoid to its fullest potential with Pulsoid BRO plan


Add a heart rate widget to your streams and videos on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, TikTok, Kick, Trovo or any other video platform you use. Pulsoid widgets are compatible with OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, Wirecast, and all the other video capturing applications that support browser sources. The whole process of setting up a widget shouldn't take more than 10 minutes and is free.

What do I need to start?

Choose a heart rate monitor for your streams:

Generally, you'll need to search for a device that supports BLE and heart rate streaming to other devices. You can find our comprehensive list of supported devices here.

If you are looking for something that will serve you for a long time while being reliable, comfortable, and accurate than Polar H10 is a great choice for you. It's a bit on the pacier side but we are sure it won't disappoint you.

If you want to try heart rate streaming out without investing too much into equipment than CooSpo devices may be what you're looking for. CooSpo H808S or H6 will provide a reliable experience at ~$30. This is a good choice for beginners.

Wahoo TICKR is another popular option at ~$50.

Pulsoid is also compatible with some armbands like Polar OH1 and Scosche Rhythm+.

If you have an Apple Watch, Wear OS device (Samsung Watch 4, 5, 6, Pixel watch, Mobvoi TicWatch, Fossil, etc.), or some of compatible Fitbit devices you can use them with Pulsoid as well. However, we recommend you get a dedicated heart rate monitor for better, more accurate results. This is a great way to try out streaming your heart rate with a tool you may already have.

Let's add your first heart rate widget!

1. Create an account on sign up page

2. Download Pulsoid app for iOS or Android and log in

Login pages of Pusloid apps

3. Put your heart rate monitor on and choose it in the application

Follow “Pulsoid does not work? Troubleshooting” if you can’t see your monitor.

Devices pages in apps

4. Open the Configuration tab on

Here you can add new widgets from Marketplace and configure your widgets in My widgets.

Widgets tab

5.1 Click Configure on a widget in your library. Change available settings to better fit your overlay and heart rate patterns.

Pulsoid widget configuration
Widget Configuration

Marketplace is a library with all of our widgets. You can see which of them are available for free and which ones require BRO plan. The list of both is ever-growing

5.2 Copy the widget’s URL and paste it into as a Browser Source in your streaming software of choice such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, Wirecast, etc.

Pulsoid widget is a browser source and can be configured as such in OBS or any other streaming tool of your choice that supports browser sources

5.3. You can also use the window capture option, click the Launch button to open a window with your widget

Pulsoid has an ever-growing list of new features, widgets, and integration. Join our Discord and Twitter or read our Blog to learn about Pulsoid's latest updates and use it to the greatest potential.

If you want to access the full potential of Pulsoid with numerous exclusive widgets, even more integrations, and customisation options be sure to try our BRO plan. There is even a 14-day trial that doesn't require any of your card info.

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