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Pulsoid media pack


Below you can see the main elements of the Pulsoid brand. You can also click on the button to see more elements you can use. Please do not change or modify any of them.

Our logos

Our fonts

Most often we use two fonts. For headings, we choose Namu Pulsoid Heading. For a bigger amount of text: Namu 1960.

Font for titles: Namu Pulsoid Heading

Font for paragraphs: Namu 1960

Our colors

compilation (74).png

rgb(4, 187, 175)

rgb(247, 45, 33)

rgb(253, 176, 8)

Our mascots

Spice up your Pulsoid presentation with our mascots. They are a big part of the Pulsoid brand and also look very cute!

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