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How to use and customize picture -bpm widget in Pulsoid

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Picture-bpm widget allows you to set up ranges of heart rate and show your own images based on BPM

The new widget in BRO plan. Now you can not only do color ranges for BPM and ECG free widgets but also set up the widget that will display the image based on BPM! (GIFs will work too)

Other widgets to use with your own files:

How to set up a picture-bpm widget?

1. Choose widget from the Marketplace.

Note, the widget is a part of the BRO plan.

The picture-bpm widget is available in Pulsoid Marketplace and the status bar face from Doom is a default appearance but you can add your own images and emotes in Configurations of your widget.


2. Load your images

Click ‘Configure’ and add your own images to the widget.

a. Choose a file from your computer

b. Click ‘Upload file’

c. Repeat

Note, we recommend using images of the same size so they look good when changing. If possible, make them about 200–300 px if you do not need bigger.


3. Add ranges

Set up ranges with ‘from-to’ bpm values and images you want to be shown(or invisible).

Do not forget to click ‘Save’.

When you are done, check how it will look with the Demo button that works on a 60–120 bpm range.


Get your widget’s real link and use with your software.  Here is the result we got:


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