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Combining two and more heart rate widgets on your stream in OBS as Browser Source

The Pulsoid team believes in convenience as one of the biggest drivers for self-expression. That’s why we keep our set up process as fast and as intuitive as possible. We also try to make all of our widgets self-sufficient, but we would never stop you from mixing and matching as many of them as your heart desires to achieve some cool design and functionality combinations.

This is especially true if you consider the sheer number of different types of widgets we have in our ever-expanding library: regular bpm indicators, heart animations, text, frames, sound, graphs and more. It’s just impossible to fit all these heart rate representations in one design. But we really encourage you to experiment with a mix of different widget types to truly personalize your experience.

The most basic case of this is combining a heart rate animation with a bpm indicator. For example, you can add both Resident Evil heart animation and Resident Evil heart animation to your library and configure them separately.

How to combine widgets:

  1. Add all heart rate widgets you want to use to your list from the Widget Library

2. For each widget, click 'Configure' and copy a widget URL

3. Add them separately to your OBS setup as individual Browser Sources for each widget.

But that’s just the beginning. You can truly come up with some unique combinations of widgets if you include more different types of widgets and configurations. More ideas to combine a few widgets from the Pulsoid heart rate widgets Library:

For example: here’s how you can create a custom alert banner when your heart rate hits a certain threshold.

You can even add a sound alert to this combination. You could also add a graph widget into the mix here.

Or play with filters and positioning to integrate widgets into your overlay like in this StreamSentials’ video:

All that is to say that you shouldn’t be restricted to one widget only. The more the merrier. Our widgets are just a tool for your expression and creativity, so we encourage you to use them in the way that best serves these purposes for you.



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