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Partners Program


We want to support the content creators that give their time and energy to Pulsoid. Get rewarded in the Partners Program to improve your stream and keep up warm relationships with viewers.

What are we talking about?

Most of our users get many questions about a tool they use for heart rate streaming and we know that with much pleasure you tell people about Pulsoid.
With a partnership program launch, we want to create an easy way to share info about Pulsoid and show our appreciation with some perks.

Get a unique mention

Stand out among others with your personal page, discord role and featuring on the Home Page

Enhance your stream

BRO plan and early access to features will make your stream even more exciting

Make viewers happy

We know how much you value your audience, so we have prepared some gifts for them: discounts and a BRO plan for a giveaway

  • What are the requirements?
    The program is still under development and more clear requirements will be announced later. We can say now that partner status will require some number of streams with Pulsoid, so it's for active users only. When you apply we will ask for your stats and will get back to you when we can discuss a partnership with you. The program will be managed manually so we plan to accept just a few channels per month.
  • What will I get as a content creator?
    Personal branded partner page on our website, free BRO plan for you, discount and free coupons for giveaways for your viewers, early features access, a Discord role. In addition to the great ones mentioned above, we will offer you a revshare in the future (Q2 2023). Earn extra money with every BRO plan bought with your support. Also, don't forget that your personal page will be visible to everyone on our site. We are sure that not many people will be able to pass you by without pressing the "follow" button.
  • How will my community benefit?
    Your viewers get a discount, enjoy their favourite streamer's personal page with a heart rate stats, win free BRO plan coupons from you. If you have ideas of what else you'd like your community share them with us via email or Discord
  • Can I resubmit my application for Partners Program?
    The program will be managed manually so we plan to accept just a few channels per month. You can resumbit your application once in 3 months if something changed after your previous submission.
  • How will my personal page look like?
    We will share an example of the partner's page link after the first page is created.
  • Do I get a status forever?
    Your status will be reviewed every 6-12 months and the partnership may be dissolved if program requirements or your activity have changed.

How to apply?

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Fill in the form to apply to a partners program. Then simply wait for our response. We promise to review it as quickly as we can!

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