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Animated text widget

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

A New Advanced widget in the BRO plan is available. Add a custom text with animation for heart rate range with the animated text widget.

Set up heart rate ranges and a separate text, animation, and color for each. Add widget now with the BRO plan.

1. Add ranges

  • select 'from-to' BPM for a range

  • enter your text you want to be displayed

  • choose one of 10+ animations

  • choose color

  • click '+'


2. Change settings

You can adjust ranges after they were added. Change font and text alignment to fit your design. Do not forget to click 'Save'. If the widget was added to your OBS before you might need to 'Refresh cache' in source settings to get updated design in OBS.


3. Test and Go Live

When changes are saved you can test your widget and use it.

'Demo' to see how it works on computer values without a monitor.

'Launch' to see how it works with your heart rate data in a separate window.

'Copy!' to copy the link and use it in your broadcasting software with Browser Source.


4. Share clips and follow us!

Follow Twitter & join Discord. Mention @pulsoid_app



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