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Introducing New Analytics

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Find out what was the most exciting moment in your stream, how intensive past stream was, how hight your heart rate was with the new Analytics. Get the full list of past streams you had with Pulsoid widget and detailed analytic for each:

Analytics page

Overall statistics are based on all BPM data you had with Pulsoid app and it includes Maximum heart rate, Minimum heart rate, Average heart rate, and number of Hours broadcasted with pulsoid application. Vods with heart rate works when a valid channel link is added and shows all Vods you have in your streaming account saved and Pulsoid was used with it.


Vod Analytics page

When you click on some Vod you get on its Analytic page. Data here is calculated based on heart rate data received from your monitor during your stream.

Statistics include Maximum heart rate, Average heart rate, and two new metrics: Intesity and Spikes.

- Intensity is a metric invented by the Pulsoid team to measure the stream intensity based on heart rate data.

- Spikes is a number of times your heart rate gone really high

BPM bar charts will help you to analyze the heart rate for the whole stream and find top moments. Click on any bar in the first chart to see a detailed chart and choose the bar from the second chart to see the moment. The moment you choose will be displayed right below the second chart and you can create clips for best moments right on the Analytics page.


Do not forget to share your Analytics screenshots and best clips on Twitter with @pulsoid_app or #pulsoid



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