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Alan Wake 2 inspired heart rate widget

Prepare to elevate your streaming experience to new, heart-pounding heights. Inspired by the intense and immersive world of Alan Wake 2, we're thrilled to introduce our new heart rate BPM widget.

Pulsoid's Alan Wake 2 inspired widget will increase your streaming experience, making your streams even more exciting and captivating for your audience. Uncover secrets, venture into the unknown, and keep your audience hooked, with each heartbeat along the way.

Here’s how you can stream Alan Wake 2 with a heart rate widget:

1. Make sure your heart rate monitoring device is supported by Pulsoid. It can be a heart rate monitor belt or an armband with BLE support as well as an Apple Watch or WatchOS device. Find the right device for you in our list of supported devices 

2. Create an account on 

3. Download the Pulsoid app to your IOS or Android smartphone

4. Put on your heart rate monitoring device, open the app, and select your device there. Follow our troubleshooting guide if you have problems connecting your device to the app

6. Copy your widget’s URL

7. Add this URL as your Browser Source in OBS, Streamlabs, XSplit, Wirecast, etc.

Done! Stream Alan Wake 2 with even more immersion for your viewers.



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