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Top widgets for your Halloween live stream

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We at the Pulsoid team added more widgets for streamers to use with spooky games in the Halloween period. If you were looking for a new idea to entertain your viewers this month - we are here to tell you about themed widgets we added. Our tool is free to use (some advanced features are available in subscription) and all you need is a compatible chest belt BLE heart rate monitor (they starts from $25)

1. BPM widget. The first one is the obvious one, as long as we are creating heart rate widgets. Display your real-time heart rate on stream to add more fun, show the real intensity level, increase viewers' engagement. Based on our users' feedbacks and clips we can see that BPM is changing not only when horror game is played. Heart rate goes up as well during any competitive game, shooter, sports(Thanks, Captain Obvious), or action games. Of course, any game is supposed to play with your emotions therefore heart rate changes with any game played.

2. Game styled BPM. We have new Phasmophobia themed BPM widgets, with a special font used. It looks so cool with the Phasmophobia game as well as with most Halloween layout designs. You can also customize any BPM widget and change the color of the number depending on your real pulse and use any font we have in the list or you have installed on your computer. Make the heart rate widget a part of your unique stream design.

3. ECG or Heart images. ECG animation by Pulsoid depends on your beats per minute number and moves faster when you get nervous or scared. Phasmophobia styled heartbeats together with your real heart rate. We have a lot of free images for you to add on the stream together with BPM.

4. Pumpkin widget. With a BRO plan subscription you can use our picture-pbm widgets. There are predefined widgets likeJack-O-Lantern widget which changes pumpkin emotion when the streamer’s heart rate raises. Another one we have predefined is the Doom guy. Do you remember him? Now it can display your emotions.

5. Your own emotes or custom gifs. With picture-bpm widget you can use any image(upload your files) in your widget and assign it to the BPM range. Promote your channel emotes with our custom widgets. Your heart rate raises, your emote is shown on the screen, ask subscribers to spam emote in chat. Viewers gonna love it.

6. Sound widget. The predefined sound widget plays heartbeat sound based on your heart rate. Starts with an almost silent and slow heart rate, it is louder and faster when your own heart rate is higher. Isn’t it a real Cyberpunk?

7. Overlays. Choose from Bloody Hands or Red Frame overlays to emphasize intensity at the right moment. You can also create your own overlay and connect it to heart rate.

8. Animated Text widget. Do you want more interaction with viewers? Use your emotions to increase chat activity with emotional text displayed with your heart rate. Set up ranges, colors, text, choose animations.

Bonus: Share your Heart Rate analytics after stream with your community and let them create clips with top moments. Public Analytics is an awesome tool to interact with viewers after stream on your Twitter or Discord. Pulsoid tool is free to use and you can create an account and use a lot of features for free. In a case, you would like to use some advanced features you need the BRO plan subscription. Free 14 days trial is available without a credit card and can be activated in the dashboard or any paid feature page. You will also get a free week of the BRO plan for each friend invited by your referral link and streamed with Pulsoid.



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