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Show your heart rate on stream with Huawei Band 8 and Huawei Band 9 device

Updated: May 27

Want to express yourself better to your viewers? Then just add your real-time heart rate on Twitch, YouTube, or Kick stream with your Huawei Band. What is more, you can easily configure 60+ widgets on the Configuration page to match your unique style. Check below for the list of devices supported by Pulsoid and a tutorial on how to show your heart rate on stream with Huawei Band.

Note: We still strongly recommend using a dedicated heart rate monitoring belt or armband for better, more accurate results.

Huawei devices supported by Pulsoid:

How to display heart rate on stream with Huawei Band :

This tutorial is confirmed only for Huawei Band 8. Please note that steps may vary for other devices.

  1. Install the free Pulsoid app for your phone

  2. Create an account on

  3. Log in to the mobile app

  4. Press the button on the side of your Huawei Band or go to the settings, and activate: "HR data broadcast"

  5. Select your device in the mobile app

6. Visit the Configuration page to set up your widgets

7. Add the widget URL in OBS as a Browser Source

Do you have another HUAWEI device?

We are still investigating what HUAWEI devices have a Heart Rate Data Broadcasting feature. So if you use this feature with Pulsoid, please report it in our Discord to help other HUAWEI owners to use their device for heart rate streaming with Pulsoid!



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