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See your heart rate in game with Pulsoid and Overwolf

Updated: May 21, 2023

Do you remember how the rush of winning a competitive game that was nearly a lost cause feels? What about getting a kill streak? Defusing the bomb last second? Hiding in the bushes while other players try to hunt you down? These are the moments many of us play games for, the moments of intense emotions. Your cheeks turn red, your palms sweat, your heart skips every other bit. Wouldn't it be cool to see that inner turmoil you go through as another game stat? You can do exactly that with Pulsoid!

Pulsoid has been a staple of heart rate visualisation among streamers and content creators for more than 6 years. Thousands of streamers big and small use our heart rate widgets for OBS on a daily basis. Our ever-growing library of widgets can be easily added to any stream as a browser source. But what about seeing your heart rate inside the game? We've got you covered with the help of this Pulsoid x Overwolf tool!

Incorporate your heart rate inside your gaming overlay!

We've created an app using Overwolf platform that allows you to keep track of your heart rate while gaming. You'll be surprised how intensely your body reacts to in-game events. It will help you better understand the way your heart rate impacts your performance and vice versa in addition to learning something new about yourself.

Your heart rate will be displayed on top of your game. This is simply a neat addition to the game's interface that is designed for streamers, cyber athletes and regular gamers alike.

The first version of our app is very straight forward and easy to get up and running. That said, we'd really love to hear your feedback and feature suggestions

How to display your heart rate on top of a game?

There are a few steps you need to follow:

Let’s set everything up:

1. Install Pulsoid app from the Overwolf store

The app is published on the Overwolf platform for quick installation and setup. More features for deeper integration of other Overwolf in-game events are on the way!

2. Choose a heart rate monitor for gaming

Pulsoid works with heart rate monitors that broadcast heart rate info through BLE, Apple Watches and WatchOS devices. You can always find the best heart rate monitor for you in our list of heart rate monitors for gaming. Polar H10 and CooSpo H808S are two of the most commonly used devices

3. Install free Pulsoid mobile app (iOS or Android)

Pulsoid mobile app is required to connect your heart rate monitor, the app will read data and send it to your widget. You can find it on your phone's store or by following one of these links: IOS

4. Set up your widget in Pulsoid Overwolf app

Open Pulsoid Overwolf app and go through the initial setup process. - Create and connect your Pulsoid account via the link in the app or sign up at

- Connect your heart rate monitor to Pulsoid mobile app

- Configure your widget and click the 'Show widget' button

5. Done. Your widget should be shown on top of your game

Note, the widget won't be captured by OBS. You can set up a heart rate widget for streaming on the Pulsoid website and add a widget as a Browser Source in OBS to show it to your viewers too.



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