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Pulsoid supports Apple Watch natively. Add your heart rate on stream

Updated: Mar 13

From now on Apple Watches are natively supported by Pulsoid, it means that you can easily add your real-timeheart rate on twitch, YouTube, or Kick stream with your Apple Watch. Download Pulsoid iOS app, grab your WatchOS device, log in and you are good to go. Start showing your heart rate on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, and Facebook live stream within a minute. Easily configure any of 60+ unique widgets on the Configuration page and add them as a Browser source into OBS, Streamlabs Desktop, Twitch Studio, XSplit

or other broadcasting software.

How to start streaming with Apple Watch?

- Install a free Pulsoid iOS app

If the app wasn't installed on your watch automatically, please install it from the Watch app or App Store on your watch

- Create an account on

- Login in the mobile app and open Pulsoid on your Apple Watch to start measuring

Open a Pulsoid app on your watch

Log in to the mobile app first

Start measuring heart rate in the watch app

- Visit the Configuration page to set up your widgets and choose from 60+ designs

- Add widget URL in OBS as a Browser Source

My watch is stuck on the 'Starting...' screen

If your Watch is stuck on the Starting screen, it means that it doesn't have permission to access your health data. To fix this issue, you should: go to your phone's Settings, select 'Health,' then 'Data Access and Devices,' find 'Pulsoid,' and grant the necessary permissions.

Are you looking for a higher frequency?

Apple Watch measures heart rate once in 5 seconds, which may be not often enough for some experiences. If you are looking for every second heart rate updates we strongly recommend using a dedicated heart rate monitoring belt or armband for better, more accurate results. This Apple Watch native support for heart rate streaming may be an excellent way for you to try all of Pulsoid's capabilities with a device you already have and upgrade to a dedicated heartbeat monitoring device later.



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