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Black Friday deals on heart rate monitors

Did you happen to miss out on snagging a heart rate monitor for your streams? Well, good news! Black Friday has arrived, presenting the ideal opportunity to get your hands on one. And why stop there? If you're still craving additional chat interaction and entertainment for both you and your viewers, now's the perfect moment to enhance the streaming experience!

So, here are the best Black Friday deals:

Polar H10

Pulsoid choice. Top quality HR monitor curates measurements combined with a comfortable chest belt. 20% of users choose it for heart rate streaming

-24% $76,46

$99,95 (old price)

CooSpo H808S

Best for Entry-Level Users. If you want to try if heart rate streaming is good for you and looking for a cheap heart rate monitor for streaming. 30% of users choose it for heart rate streaming

-34% $24,41

$36,99 (old price)

Wahoo TickrX

-26% $58,99

$79,99 (old price)


-20% $63,99

$79,99 (old price)

CooSpo H6

-53% $15,45

$32,99 (old price)

And, in case you forgot. Pulsoid will help you to:

  • Stand out from the crowd

  • Keep the chat more active

  • Mix up some formats and have a lot of fun

  • Create automated clips when the heart rate goes up

  • Engage with your community outside of your stream



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