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Video widget. Connect your WebM overlays or add video alerts for BPM ranges.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Video widget has ranges configuration and you can assign different video, screen overlay, or webcam frame to different heartbeats per minute values. The default configuration has a set of animated frame overlays with different color gradients from Dark Blue to Blood Red color.

1. Default setting

We created basic frames with gradient color and set up ranges so your frame will change from blue to green, yellow, orange, red, while your heart rate goes up.

You can use this one or create your own widget.


2. Add your own videos

Click on the file name or 'Select file' in any range and the media component will be opened.

You can upload your video files up to 200MB each.

One of our users - EnduringDev created a video widget with his own frames already. Check it out and share your own clips with us on Twitter and Discord


3. Configure ranges

Enter From-To BPM values, select a file to display, and click '+'. Ranges can be adjusted after they were configured.


4. Save changes

Click 'Save' to make changes live.


5. Test and add to OBS

'Copy' URL and paste into OBS Browser source 'Launch' window will work when your heart rate monitor is connected, 'Demo' window will show how it will look with random data.


6. Share your clips and ideas with us and community:

Twitter Discord • email:



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