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Use any font in Pulsoid BPM widget

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

When it comes to stream layout design there is no one correct answer for everyone.

With our widgets, you can set up any design for your heart rate widgets you want to match your style, game, event while broadcasting. BPM widget has ranges with color, font, and alignment settings

1. Change font in settings.

On your widget configuration page, you can change the font. Choose any from the list.

If you like none of these, step 2 is for you.

2. Change font in custom CSS

If you can't find a good font for you in widget's settings you can assign any font from YOUR computer in custom CSS of browser source in OBS. - copy widget URL in Pulsoid

- add Browser source in OBS

- in Browser source properties add custom CSS:

#heartRate {
     font-family: "Silom" !important;

- find all available fonts in Windows

- choose one font you would like to use with BPM widget

- change Silom to the name of the font family you like on your computer

NOTE: you have to use the actual font name, not the font file name. Also, it is important to add `!important` :)

Done! Pulsoid widget should be shown in OBS with your font now.



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