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Speed test (speedometer) heart rate widget for your live stream

We at Pulsoid, the popular service for live heart rate tracking, have just released a new heart rate widget design that is sure to make a splash in the fitness and sim-racing community. The new design features a sleek speedometer-inspired look, with a wide range of customizable settings to help you fine-tune the widget to your liking.

One of the most noteworthy customizations in the new heart rate widget design is the ability to adjust the arc gradient colors and dial marks to resemble an analog speedometer. This gives the widget a striking visual appeal and makes it even more fun and engaging to use. In addition, you can change the dial label, choose one of the pointer styles, and pick a BPM value font and color. All 15+ settings allow you to customize the widget to match your personal preferences or the color scheme of your streaming or recording overlay.

Overall, the new heart rate widget design from Pulsoid is a powerful tool for anyone looking to share a real-time heart rate with viewers to build a better connection and boost interaction on stream. With a sleek and customizable design, it's easy to make the widget your own. Are you looking for another widget design? Check out our 60+ heart rate widgets library or share your idea in Discord. Do you use Pulsoid for your content? Follow us on Twitter and mention us when you publish cool clips, we love watching and interacting with Pulsoid content creators ❤️ Join the Pulsoid Discord server to take part in our monthly clips contests



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