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Sound widget upgrade. Trigger alerts, sounds, add background music with your heart rate

The new sound widget v2 allows you to upload your own media or use the Pulsoid media library and create a sound widget that works with your real-time heart rate data. There are two important upgrades to the sound widget we've added: Loop and interrupt settings. They will give you good control of your alerts or background sound or music that changes with your real-time heart rate. Add sound widget now.

Loop sound in the range. You can choose if the sound should play once when the heart rate is in the range (when a current range is switched). If you do not tick the checkbox the widget will work as a sound alert. If you tick the checkbox the widget will play a sound again and again while your heart rate is in the range

Interrupt sound by the next range. This setting will help you when you want to add a long sound to play in the background and you can choose if the current sound should stop playing immediately when the range is switched.


Choose files or upload your own sounds

You can choose a different sound for every heart rate range. The Media library contains Pulsoid files we use for default widgets and your own files. Click Browse to choose a media file from your computer and Upload it to use in the sound widget. Select a file you want to use with the range.


Change volume and speed

Set up different Volume and Speed values for every heart rate range. Make your sound alert or background track louder when your heart rate raises. For the default sound widget we used different speeds to make it sound like a real heart your viewers can hear beating. Add heartbeat sound widget now:

We want to create a highly customizable yet simple to use tool for streamers and we hope this functional upgrade of the sound widget will give you more control over sounds triggered by your heart rate and make the sound widget a good friend of yours in this content creation journey. Mention @pulsoid_app on Twitter and share your feedback and fun clips with us ❤️

Sound widget is a BRO plan feature and you can get a 15% discount for the first payment with the earlybirdSound coupon when upgrading to the BRO plan in November.



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