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See your heart rate in VR with this LIV x Pulsoid integration

Updated: Feb 21

We know how immersive VR worlds can feel. We also know how frustrating it is to get yanked out of them every time you need to configure or check on something that is displayed only on your screen. We value streamline experiences and user friendly designs that's why we are big fans of LIV. They do so much for VR content creators it’s hard not to admire their work. And now LIV has Pulsoid integrated into its platform! No need to lift your headset to check what your heart rate is or if the heart rate data is properly transmitted. It’s all a part of your LIV HUD. Of course, you will need a compatible heart rate monitor for streaming and Pulsoid account to set up the integration.

And the setup process is fast and easy especially if you are already a LIV and Pulsoid user. Even if you are not, here’s a short guide that will get you through all the steps fast and easy:

1. You can Download LIV on Steam here

2. After it is up and running click on the “Launch StreamKit” button under the STREAMKIT section.

3. Navigate to the "Services" section and select the Pulsoid tab, followed by clicking on the "Login" button.

4. Log into your Pulsoid account on your browser and click the “Authorize app” button to connect it to your LIV profile and allow for the heart rate data transmission.

5. If you get an “Allow this site to open the liv-streamerkit” browser popup check the “Always allow” checkbox and click “Open Link”.

That’s it! With your heart rate monitor on and the companion Pulsoid app running, you should see your heart rate in the bottom right corner of your chat window. After connecting your Twitch account to LIV your chat will also appear in the box above. All the best in your future VR streams! Having trouble connecting your heart rate monitor in the Pulsoid app? No worries! Email us at or swing by our Pulsoid Discord to get help!



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