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Putin has launched a full-scale war on Ukraine

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Ways to donate and help the Ukrainian volunteers and army (confirmed accounts):

The 2022 year. Today, on February 24 at 5AM Russian Federation attacked Ukraine. Putin has launched a full-scale war on Ukraine.

Pulsoid is a Ukrainian company 🇺🇦 We live in Ukraine and can't stay out of politics when war and Russian military forces are coming to our houses. Warning sirens blared across all cities in Ukraine today. We understand that streaming, gaming, and creativity are the outlets of escape from the harsh modern reality for many of you. We understand that you need a safe space to relax from the pandemic, wars, and social turmoils. Unfortunately, today we've been completely robbed of such outlets ourselves. Our sole goal was to make a product that can help you better express yourself. Now it's survival.

We've been listening to your heartbeats for more than five years. Now with the deepest sorrow, we have to watch as the heartbeats of people who defend our country stop. Ukraine has always yearned for peace. We still do.

Pulsoid stands in solidarity with our soldiers and kind people who do everything thеy are capable of to save lives. Now we more than ever need your support. Hope one day our biggest piece of news will be the release of a new game. Till then love from Pulsoid.

Слава Україні!💙💛

Ways to donate and help the Ukrainian army (confirmed accounts):



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