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Pulsoid x ai_licia: make AI-powered Twitch companion react to your heart rate

There are few things more discouraging for many up-and-coming streamers than a dead chat. Humans are intrinsically social creatures and it just feels natural for us to treat dialogue as a prime way to interact. This is especially true about streaming. It’s arguably the most social type of content there is with instant streamer-viewer interaction being among the most substantial reasons so many people prefer streaming to regular videos.

How does one break this cycle of struggling to perform for a silent audience yet having to do so to keep viewers interested? There are a bunch of tools and techniques to help with that. Pulsoid itself provides an additional thing for the audience to react to making it easier for viewers to break that silence in chat. But there is one emerging technology that shouldn't be overlooked here – AI. 

This is why we are happy to announce that Pulsoid is now compatible with ai_licia – your Twitch companion from a new generation. She is a helpful companion that can help you keep the conversation going. With some flexible personality settings you can make her act supportive and cheerful or snarky and sarcastic (like your typical mod made of flesh and bones would). This is a great way to get a permanent active chat member you can tailor to better fit and compliment your streaming style.

Our integration lets ai_licia become aware of your heart rate and react to it in real time. This is a great way to help her better respond to the changes in your emotions and sense how intense the action on your stream is. 

And it’s so easy to set up too!

This integration requires a BRO Plan subscription so make sure yours is valid. You can update your Pulsoid to BRO Plan here.

So, here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your ai_licia account and open your Streamer Dashboard.

  2. Open the Integration page

3. Find Pulsoid integration there and click the CONNECT AI_LICIA button

4. After that Pulsoid website will open. Log in to your Pulsoid account and click the Authorise app button to give ai_licia access to your heart rate information

5. Now you can configure the way ai_licia will react to the changes in your heart rate

In HR Threshold you can set a particular heart rate value for ai_licia to react to. 

Sensitivity range makes ai_licia react to sudden changes in your heart rate. The more you move this controller to the right, the bigger the gap needed will be for ai_licia to acknowledge it.

You are all set up! Pick and choose these settings to better fit your heart and chat behavior.

Get 30% off your first month of Pulsoid with the code ai_licia and 30% off your first month of ai_licia with the code PULSOID.



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