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Pulsoid partners with Streams Charts!

Every partnership is a chance for us to learn, share experiences, and build a better product for you. This time we doubled our chances by partnering with a service that shares our vision, values, and… a place of birth. We are talking about Streams Charts, a streaming analytics service that helps streamers grow via self-reflection and creates more opportunities for sponsors to reach out to them, while also being a fun outlet to find some stats for casual streaming enjoyers.

It’s easy for us as fellow analytics nerds to see the potential of such partnership. You can expect even more helpful and entertaining information in both of our services. We are sure that implementation of some Streams Charts insights into our platform will help passionate content creators grow their channels and see what works best for them. At the same time, our experience will help Streams Charts launch some truly unique emotion-based projects in the future.

We are also very thankful for a chance to work with another Ukrainian-based company. Our shared cultural background provides a truly unique level of mutual understanding.

Both Pulsoid and Streams Charts are services that are often used by streamers with a rather large audience, but we want to make small to mid-sized streamers the focus of this collaboration. Passion with which people seek out new audiences using every tool available is what fuels our work and gives us motivation to constantly improve our services.

Nazar Babenko, Product Manager at Streams Charts:

"We met our Pulsoid colleagues at TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022, the largest streaming festival in the world. After seeing their attitude towards their product, I had no doubt that we need to find opportunities to collaborate in the future.

One of the missions of Streams Charts is to increase transparency and trust in live streaming viewership statistics. Currently, our service provides statistics and analytics for more than 15 million channels on the 10 most popular live-streaming platforms, including Twitch and YouTube.

Together with Pulsoid's expertise, we have new opportunities to analyse live streams in the form of heart rate data. At the same time, we'll be able to constantly exchange experience in work with influencers and provide them with the best joint solutions".

Anna Pedchenko, Founder and CEO of Pulsoid:

"Pulsoid is committed to two key principles in our work. Firstly, we aim to help streamers and content creators enhance their connection with viewers by introducing a new form of expression in the form of heart rate data in their broadcasts and videos. Secondly, we strive to develop tools that enable streamers to analyse and improve their content. This is where our goals align with Streams Charts. Although we approach it from different angles, we share the same objective of helping content creators improve their content.

By using Pulsoid to assess emotional and physiological data alongside Streams Charts to track metrics on Twitch, streamers can develop a tailored content creation strategy that reflects their individual strengths and preferences. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and tools with those who share our vision.

Additionally, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with another Ukrainian team. Our roots are an essential part of our identity, and we are excited to work together to create new tools for a global industry and set new standards for creative tools."

About Streams Charts

Streams Charts is a statistics and analytics service for live streaming platforms developed by a Ukrainian company Esports Charts. Unique data and features provided by Streams Charts, such as audience crossover, viewership metrics, advanced filters, and personalized user lists, make it easy to identify market opportunities based on activity, reach, and other audience characteristics & features. As of today, Streams Charts collects and processes data from 10+ streaming platforms, including giants like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and NimoTV.

About Pulsoid

Pulsoid is a service that helps streamers integrate heart rate into their content. With a help of 60+ widgets of many shapes and configurations as well as numerous integrations with the streaming ecosystem Pulsoid helps thousands of content creators to put heart into their content on various streaming platforms. Pulsoid widgets are compatible with a large number of heart rate measurement devices, from sports heart rate sensors to popular smartwatches and can be used in almost any streaming or video recording tool.



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