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Pulsoid Integrations. Discord Webhooks.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We are launching a new Integrations feature. The first integration you can add now is a Discord Webhooks. Discord's built in Webhooks function is an easy way to get updates sent to a text channel in your server. In Pulsoid you can set up what and when should be sent.

Integrations are available and free for everyone right now and will be a part of the BRO plan from February 2021 when we have more integrations available. Submit Integration request.

How to set up:

  1. Make a new Webhook in your Discord

  2. Add Webhook Integration in Pulsoid

Making a Webhook in Discord:

To send your Heart Rate info updates to your Discord server you will need to know the Webhook URL from the Discord Integrations tab.

  1. Open you server's Server Settings > Integrations > Create Webhook

2. Choose what channel the Webhook posts to.

Copy Webhook URL and use it in Pulsoid integrations.

You can also change the Name and Avatar of the webhook but they will be overwritten by the Pulsoid message.

Creating Discord Webhooks integration in Pulsoid:

  1. Open your Pusloid Space > Integrations

  2. Add Discord Webhooks

3. Configure your Discord Webhook Integration:

Note: You have to include {{HEART_RATE}} in your message.



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