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Pulsoid features description

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

After you read the instruction about how to add a Hear Rate to your stream using Pulsoid you probably want to find out about all the features we have in the service. Pulsoid has a few main parts: widgets configuration, additional tools in the Space, Integrations, mobile apps. The basic use of the service is free and you can use advanced features with a BRO subscription.


  • Basic BPM (beats per minute) widget. Color, font and alignment are configurable.

  • Advanced BPM widget. Different colors can be assigned for different heart rate ranges.

  • Game inspired BPM widgets: GTA V, Beat Saber, SpongeBob, Cyberpunk, Fortnite, Resident Evil, Phasmophobia, CS:GO, Geometry Dash and more. ⭐More flexibility and configuration options with the BRO plan.

  • A variety of animated widgets: animated hearts, game inspired animations, ECG animation, medical monitor widget etc. ⭐Even more variety and configuration options with the BRO plan.

  • Fitness related widgets: fitness heart rate zones, gauge, calorie burn counter and more. ⭐Access to advanced fitness widgets with the BRO plan.

  • Advanced widgets: dynamic heart rate graph (upd: area color, gradient, duration), jump scare counter, max bpm widget, custom images, outlines and sound widgets etc. Take your game up one more notch with these unique widgets.

  • Ever expanding library


  • Dashboard with your current status, overall statistics and latest updates.

  • Highlights & Analytics tab with the heart rate information of your past streams and a toolkit to easily find and clip the most exciting parts of recorded broadcasts.

  • Stream Deck plugin shows your heart rate and connection status. Install here

  • CSV data export of your heart rate information for your own use and analysis.

  • IFTTT support. Design custom heart rate driven scripts with IFTTT and connect them to your socials etc.

  • Discord Webhooks support for notifying your viewers when something exciting happens on stream. Automatically take and share clips of your stream when your heart rate spikes.

  • Stromno integration. Easy and intuitive external sources support. Use your Apple Watch, Samsung Watch (Tizen 5.5+), or WearOS (Galaxy Watch 4, Fossil, Mobvoi TicWatch, and more) and enjoy all benefits of Pulsoid with Pulsoid x Stromno collaboration and frictionless token based connection process.

  • Lumia Stream integration. Control smart lights with your heart rate and make your surroundings react directly to the way you feel.

  • API for flexible Pulsoid integration in your own projects. API faq. Contact us via in case of any API or collaboration-related questions emerging.

Mobile app:

Connect using your Pulsoid login and password or temporary credentials generated in your dashboard.

A large variety of supported heart rate monitors and other devices.

Submit your feature requests here



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