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Pulsoid community developed tools and plugins

Community devs are truly the GOATs of software development. These people dedicate hours and days of their time to helping people who share their interests driven by nothing but passion and creativity. Pulsoid is very fortunately blessed to have such people interested in bringing heart rate to the places it has never been to before. If you are interested in VTubing, virtual worlds, stream automatisation and more, here’s your guide the the community developed tools that implement Pulsoid in their work:



This is a perfect tool to bring more life to your model in VTube Studio. Imagine, one neat plugin that can translate your emotions and level of stress straight to your model to make it tremble, sweat or blush. vts-heartrate does just that by transferring your Pulsoid heart rate data to a VtubeStudio plugin. It can even be used to control your virtual props! Read more in our article about vts-heartrate.


VNyan provides you with a pretty straightforward Node Graph-based interface for creating your custom scripts for models in VSeeFace, Tracking World and Webcam Motion Capture. It’s easy to pick up but the scope of possibilities is limited only by your imagination. Its integration with Pulsoid gives you all the tools you need to make your heart rate impact your model in a variety of ways. Here’s a video guide:


Twitch Integrated Throwing System or T.I.T.S. for short is rather self-explanatory. It’s an OBS Overlay tool that lets people throw virtual things at you. Its Pulsoid integration lets you create heart rate sensitive throwing scripts. It’s a great way to engage your viewers and bring some chaos to your streams.



Do you want to show your heart rate as a part of your VRChat model? HRtoVRChat may be the tool for you. It provides a premade solution to add a VR widget to your avatar and provides the space for more configuration if needed. Check out our article about it.


VRCOSC is a versatile tool that lets you display media, stats and other info on top of your VRChat model. Heart Rate too. You can even make your model blush using tools provided by this OSC!


This is a tool that lets you add a heart rate widget somewhere on your avatar similarly to HRtoVRChat. It's pretty straightforward and easy to use so you should be able to set it up in just a couple of minutes. More in our article

BeatSaber and more


Beat Saber is a game that keeps on giving and never fails to make your heart race. But lifting your VR headset to check your heart rate can get old quickly. That's why we love HRCounter – a mod that brings your heart rate inside the game’s UI for both you and your viewers to see.


Freakylay is a customizable game overlay made with focus for VR streamers playing rhythm games. It displays all data live for viewers like score, combo, accuracy, modifiers and much more and is highly interactive and supports only Beat Saber currently, but the support for more games like BoomBox and Synth Riders is already in development. Pulsoid is fully integrated and matches the style of the overlay.

We are thankful for every community developer who decides to bring heart rate streaming to new horizons by implementing it in some useful and unusual ways. If you are looking into developing your own tool with Pulsoid integration check out our API and don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help on Discord and Twitter. Also check our article on getting started with Pulsoid API using JavaScript.



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