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Pulsoid at TwitchCon Paris

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I’m Anna, a Pulsoid app founder. We create heart rate tracking solutions for streamers, gamers, and events. Lately, heart rate widgets have become an essential part of live stream content on Twitch, so we couldn’t miss TwitchCon, which was held on 8th-9th July 2023 in Paris, France. It was our second time attending TwitchCon as exhibitors; the first time was in Amsterdam in 2022. Last year, I wrote about how the Pulsoid team made a decision and prepared for the event. Unfortunately, as that story was too closely connected to the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, I couldn’t finish it and describe the event experience itself. So, this year I will focus more on the event.


During our entire 7-year Pulsoid journey, I've had lots of chances to see how everything becomes possible with the help of others. So, I just can't skip out the acknowledgments this time. I gotta give a huge shout-out to the awesome Pulsoid team and our friends for working together so well. It's because of this amazing collaboration that we were able to create a kickass Pulsoid booth at TwitchCon Paris. Having such enthusiastic and knowledgeable folks at the booth was key to getting our Pulsoid vision and user-friendly approach across to all the visitors who dropped by. And a special thank you goes to our CM for being a total rockstar in handling communication during the event. I want to send out another big thank you to all the amazing Pulsoid users for believing in the heart rate streaming idea. You guys are the real MVPs! The journey of content creators truly inspires us, and our ultimate goal is to support your growth and success. Meeting some of you in person at TwitchCon was an absolute blessing, and we were blown away by the incredible inspiration we got from your stories and feedback. Keep being awesome, and we'll keep working hard to make Pulsoid even better for all of you! A big shout-out and heartfelt thanks to our incredible sponsors: Avermedia, HyperX, Voicemod, Aitum, Coospo, LumiaStream, and Elgato. These awesome companies really came through and provided fantastic support by sponsoring cool gifts for the two activities we had. With over 30 gifts from our sponsors, the TwitchCon event became even more special for all our visitors. We couldn't have done it without your generosity and support. I want to give a big thanks to all our awesome vendors who really went all out to help us present Pulsoid in the best way possible. While most of them might not see this essay, we want to give a special shout-out to our beloved designers from WHYER. Thank you for helping us shine! I want to thank the TwitchCon team for their incredible support and assistance throughout the whole process. It's been an absolute pleasure collaborating with the team for the second year in a row. Here's to hoping for more fantastic events in the future! Your support means the world to us! To be continued...

People we met

Meeting people you've known online in real life at TwitchCon is so exciting! Whether they're friends, partners, or users, it's a unique experience that creates lasting memories. Connecting with users is truly rewarding. Hearing how people use our app for years, and even newcomers giving positive feedback, is incredible. Stories of improved viewer interaction with the heart rate widget on the screen are heartwarming. We cherish your support! Meeting Gael Level in person was an absolute joy! I finally had the chance to thank him for the incredible support he provided to Pulsoid in its early stages. His videos brought so many people to our app. Gael's impact on Pulsoid and the streaming community is immeasurable. Our friends from the Aitum team paid us a visit, and it was fantastic to catch up! We first met a year ago at TwitchCon Amsterdam, and I couldn't be prouder of their incredible development since then. Btw, did you know that you can use Pulsoid with Aitum?

LumiaStream team visited our booth at TwitchCon - such a pleasure! I love how the "control your lights with your heart rate" integration always excites people. Proud to partner with them! A special guest from OperaGX visited our Pulsoid booth, and we hooked him up with a very special t-shirt (not in the photo)! Hoping to have OperaGX merch one day too!

Seeing Sebastian Spagnolo again and finally getting to enjoy a long-awaited coffee together was an absolute pleasure. We chatted about so many interesting and exciting things. Having close and like-minded people around is truly delightful! I'm incredibly grateful for all the amazing and inspiring people I had the opportunity to meet during this event


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