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Pipeline x Pulsoid partnership: a stepping stone to your streaming career

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

At Pulsoid, our mission is to help you stand out, form deeper connections with your community and eventually help you grow it. To that end, we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Pipeline – one of the biggest educational platforms for streamers. You can check how thoroughly they improve their platform for more than three years by reading through their blog with helpful suggestions for streaming beginners or listening to their podcast.

Created by industry experts and streamers themselves Snoopeh and StoneMountain64, Pipeline has helped thousands of creators gather new audiences and, most importantly, make a successful career out of content creation. With expert-led guidance, content and tools designed to make your streaming journey more pleasurable and organized, we believe that Pipeline could be a great stepping stone for many of our users who want to make online content creation their professional career.

If you want to get started today, head over to Pipeline’s website and use code PULSOID at checkout to get a 10% discount on a monthly or annual subscription to Pipeline.

Every new Pulsoid collaboration is near and dear to our hearts. Every new partnership we form comes with the hope that our users find it interesting and can benefit from it. We see how Pipeline can help members of the Pulsoid community get closer to their dream career. We also see how Pulsoid can be a useful tool for Pipeline users to express themselves in a new way. And this is exactly what we expect from this collaboration. As always, we’ll be working hard to continue giving you the tools and opportunities you need to find the success that you deserve.

Happy streaming!

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