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OyasumiVR x Pulsoid integration

Among all the different variations of software created for VRChat, OyasumiVR has to be one of the more unique ones. This is a desktop application that is designed to provide you with the best possible sleeping experience in VR. It achieves its goal through a variety of automations that let you save energy and create a better sleeping environment by dimming your headset’s brightness, initiating in-game animations to let other players know that you are asleep, taking care of your invite requests, muting your mic for you and more. It does basically everything to tuck you in and kiss you goodnight in a virtual reality.

Connecting your biological and digital activity is right up our alley that’s why we are very excited to announce that OyasumiVR now also supports heart rate monitoring via Pulsoid! While usually using your movement patterns to determine if you are asleep, with a bit of our help OyasumiVR can now also use your heart rate data for that. Our sleep heart rates are usually about 30% lower than our usual resting heart rates. By monitoring your heart rate behavior while you sleep you can pinpoint that sleeping bpm value for you and use it in OyasumiVR’s sleep detection process for a very reliable result. If your heart rate stays under that threshold for some time, sleep mode is activated.

Having a bad or intense dream can drive your heart rate up. This integration may help you detect these changes and deactivate the sleep mode to wake you up from a nightmare. It basically works like heart rate sleep detection but vice versa – set up a high enough bpm threshold and how long your heart rate should stay over it for OyasumiVR to try waking you up. You can set sleep mode deactivation and sound alarm configurations separately.

To enable this integration download OyasumiVR on Steam.

After you’ve set up your client, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’.

Here you can connect your Pulsoid account.

Please note that this integration requires either a BRO Plan subscription or a one-time purchase of OyasumiVR x Pulsoid integration. You can also try this integration out for free using our BRO Plan trial with no strings attached.



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