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Mix It Up x Pulsoid integration

Pulsoid has always strived to give streamers access to a big toolbox for them to play around with on their streams. You know… To mix it up a little👀 Ok, enough with puns. You’ve seen the title image and the headline. Be ready to elevate your content to the next level. Pulsoid, your go-to tool for broadcasting real-time heart rate data, has now integrated seamlessly with Mix It Up, the all-in-one streaming assistant loved by content creators worldwide.

Mix It Up is well renowned among streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo for being one of the most feature packed bots out there. It lets you tweak and automate virtually every aspect of your stream from visuals and chat to socials and monetization. Having all these features in one place allows you to experiment and combine them in the ways that would make your streaming experience even more creative and automated.

Now imagine introducing your heart rate into this world of technology and creativity. Everything on your stream can potentially be controlled by the changes of your emotions. This incredible potential is all in your hands!

To set up this integration make sure you have your Pulsoid account set up and find Pulsoid on your ‘Services’ page in Mix It Up and click ‘Log In’. After that follow the steps required to connect your Pulsoid account to Mix It Up.

After the connection is set up you’ll be able to change two parameters: Command Trigger Delay and Heart Rate Ranges.

Command Trigger Delay essentially dictates the minimum number of seconds that can occur between triggers of the Pulsoid Heart Rate Changed event command. In the example screenshot, this is set to 3 seconds (the default delay). This means that the Pulsoid Heart Rate Changed event command can be triggered no more than once every 3 seconds, regardless of how much the heart rate changes within that 3 seconds. However, the Pulsoid Heart Rate Changed event command will not trigger if any heart rate changes are not detected.

Heart Rate Ranges let you create events that are activated once you ENTER a range.

Your main outlet for working with your heart rate data inside Mix It Up is the Pulsoid Heart Rate Changed event command, which is triggered when heart rate changes are detected. Users can use the $pulsoidheartrate Special Identifier (aka variable) to implement their heart rate however they want. In this very basic example, we send a message to chat with the exact bpm number and then use two conditionals to check two different ranges for the heart rate to perform different logic depending on each range. These conditionals will output a “Nice and calm…” message when in range under 90 bpm and “Uh oh, it’s getting high!” for a range above that.

$pulsoidheartrate = The last tracked heart rate

The beauty of Mix It Up is that this is now just one of the tools at your disposal. You can mix absolutely different aspects of your steam with your heart rate and come up with scenarios and combinations that we couldn’t even imagine. That’s why we are double excited about this integration, since after the integration is public, we get to witness how this simple tool is used by you in the most unexpected and creative ways possible. We are sure that you have something in your arsenal that would blow us all away with every beat of your heart.

For more details check out the Mix It Up Wiki page for the Pulsoid integration.



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