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How to use Xiaomi MiBand 3,4,5,6 (not 7,8) with Pulsoid app.

Updated: Jun 17

A lot of people requested Xiaomi MiBands support to be able to add a real-time heart rate on stream. Note, MiBand has a lower heart rate measurement accuracy and it may degrade the experience. We recommend investing in your streaming setup and purchasing a heart rate monitor from the list of heart rate monitors for streaming.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 can be used as a continuous heart rate monitor and share info with external apps, therefore it might be used with Pulsoid but we do not recommend purchasing it for steaming cause it might not work properly.


1. Set up your MiBand in the MiFit Android app.

2. Find the band in the Pulsoid app

3. Connect and configure widgets

NOTE: You shouldn't buy this device for streaming

MiBand 7 (the solution was deprecated by Xiaomi)

(Old solution):If you want to connect Xiaomi MiBand 7 with a Pulsoid for heart rate streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, Kick, etc., you need to bind the Xiaomi mobile app Zepp Life and click on the sport button in the app before opening the pulsoid to find it (Xiaomi bracelet 7)

MiBand 8 (the solution was deprecated by Xiaomi)

(Old solution): The software required for Xiaomi Band 8 includes Zepp Life and Pulsoid. First, open the Zepp Life health check and set it to continuous monitoring. We need to turn on Bluetooth broadcasting and heart rate broadcasting, and then switch to the exercise page to start exercising. Switch to pulsoid and you can connect to see your heart rate



Erol Sultan
Erol Sultan
2 days ago

it still can im using mi band 7


It's Creammy
It's Creammy

MiBand 8 doesn't work on Zepp Life.

Daniel Campaña
Daniel Campaña

same problem i cant use pulsoid with xiaomi band 8, i hope a solution in the future :(

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