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How to stream (and play) Dead Space with a heart rate widget

There’s something special about streaming horror games. The intensity of them brings out a range of emotions that seems unreachable for many other genres. And it’s just fun to experience all the fear a game has to offer together. It’s not like we are too afraid to play them alone… Who would think that? 👀

Dead Space revolutionized the genre and it’s back to remind us how terrifying space can be. While we are sure that your screams will be very convincing at showing how the game makes you feel there is another tool for expressing emotions on your stream that will make them even more immersive. Heart rate widgets! Because your terrified face may tell a lot, but your racing heart has plenty more to add to that. Even if you’ve mastered a stone-cold expression to show how unphased you are by necromorphs, your heart won’t lie.

Here’s how you can stream Dead Space with a heart rate widget:

1. Make sure your heart rate monitoring device is supported by Pulsoid. It can be a heart rate monitor belt or an armband with BLE support as well as an Apple Watch or WatchOS device. Find the right device for you in our list of supported devices

2. Create an account on

3. Download Pulsoid app to your IOS or Android smartphone

4. Put on your heart rate monitoring device, open the app, and select your device there. Follow our troubleshooting guide if you have problems connecting your device to the app

5. Open the Pulsoid Dashboard in your browser. Click on the Widgets tab to see the list of your widgets or add new widgets from our Marketplace.

6. Click Configure on your Dead Space widget. Copy your widget’s URL

7. Add this URL as your Browser Source in OBS, Streamlabs, XSplit, Wirecast, etc.

You can also check out this video for a brief initial configuration guide.

Done! Good luck on Ishimura. You’ll need it.

Do you want to simply play the game with your heart rate visible?

If you are not streaming or making a video and just want to play the game with your heart rate overlaid on top of it check out our Overwolf app.

Note: Overwolf in-game widget won’t be visible during streams. You’ll need a Pulsoid widget for that.

Look through Pulsoid features to read more about cool ways in which you can incorporate your heart rate into your content and check out Pulsoid BRO Plan for even more widgets and expanded functionality.



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