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How to show your BPM heart rate widget in the game in a real time

If you do not stream but still want to see your heart rate on screen while playing a fullscreen game on windows, you can use this tutorial to show Pulsoid widgets on the top of all other windows.

1. Install OnTopReplica application Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10


2. Click 'Launch' in the widget settings to open a browser window.

It should be the window you want to be shown on the top of your gaming screen.

3. Open OnTopReplica application

4. Choose your widget window

Right-click on OnTopReplica app to open the menu -> Select window -> Pulsoid -> whole

5. Adjust capture zone

Use Right-click menu -> Select region... to cut the widget

Use Right-click menu -> Show window border to remove the border

You can change the opacity too.

6. Move the window and open your game

Done. Now your widget will be shown on the top of the fullscreen game.



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