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How to get viewers on Twitch or YouTube more engaged with the Pulsoid heart rate streaming tool?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

In our modern world, there are millions of streamers, who want to find an interesting and unusual application to make the streaming process more active and exciting. Of course, people understand that communication during streaming is one of the most important components. Viewers don't want to just observe the situation when someone is playing. So, it will be much more interesting to conduct the process of streaming while using different tools. If you are a streamer, who is looking for tools, which can help to improve viewers’ engagement, you should pay attention to Pulsoid. It's a unique system, which is an excellent helper for Streamers, who want to add their real-time heart rate to the online broadcast. We prepared a 5 tips list to help you boost viewers' engagement.

Let's check 5 tips on how Pulsoid is useful to increase viewers' engagement and retention.

1. Stand out from the crowd

Of course, streamers compete with each other. Everyone wants not only to create interesting content for the viewer but to add something new and unusual in order to induce viewers to come back the next time. If you are interested in this, Pulsoid heart rate widgets will be a great solution. This service will help you to find uniqueness because widgets can be customized in a way you can create your own design and experience. For example, you can add personal emotes, gifs, or sounds. Also, it is possible to set up IFTTT integration with smart lights or add automated Discord messages, when the heart rate goes high on stream.

2. Keep the chat more active

As a rule, it's very hard to talk just to yourself without communicating with the audience. We all agree that often there are situations when only a few people watch the stream. In this case, the streamer will talk to himself, because there will be no things to talk about in the chat. Of course, in order to create a chat activity, streamers need to suggest different topics for discussion. Actually, additional tools that will be used during streaming can increase activity. Because the fact that using Pulsoid allows viewers to see the heart rate of the streamer, this can be an interesting topic to discuss in the chat. It's useful to know that if you are adding custom images, sound widgets, setting up a fun BPM zones text widget, or you are trying not to get over a certain heart rate level, it adds new things viewers can react to. All of these are great ice breakers!

3. Mix up some formats and have a lot of fun

Of course, people like observing different content. With the help of Pulsoid, you can do a heart rate challenge with a horror game, or IRL stream with friends with activity and heart rate monitors. Not surprisingly, many streamers want to make their broadcasts not only interesting but also different.

4. Play with friends

In this case, you can offer your friends to play Valorant, Phasmophobia, Among Us, or another game you all will enjoy with a heart rate monitor. If your friends are using Pulsoid, you can show your friend's widgets too.

It should be noticed that other streamers are also good partners for the squad stream. Especially if you have a different default schedule, it’s a great way to share an audience and get more exposure. If you can’t find friends to play or stream with, you can publish your request in our Discord server, find someone who uses Pulsoid already and start playing together. To open the Discord server, click here

5. Engage with your community outside of your stream

With the help of the Discord server and other social media channels you can engage with your community outside of your stream, and as a secondary form of content. Our Public Highlights page will help you to start a conversation, discuss the last stream and find top moments together with your audience. Visit the Highlights page and get a link to share.

So, as you can see there are different reasons, which explain why and how Pulsoid can help streamers to interact with the audience. If you are a streamer and you want to add something new to your broadcast and increase the number of viewers, all possible functions of Pulsoid will definitely help you to create an interesting interaction and stay in active contact with the viewers.



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