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Heart rate stream reports and automated clips

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Growing your channel can be extremely challenging. That's why Pulsoid team keeps your growth as one of the top priorities of our service. 80% of Pulsoid users report that having a heart rate widget on stream increases chat's activity and helps form emotional connection with viewers. It's a great addition to your routine when you are live, but how about your content working for you while you are offline?

Having some evergreen content on other platforms is important for building your audience and promoting your main streaming channel. Posting your clips and compilations to platforms like TikTok and YouTube is bound to bring more eyes to your streams. That's why we've created a new Reports tool and automated clips feature.

The new Reports tool is an easy and interactive way to find your best streaming moments by the changes in your heart rate. It's even easier to see all the moments you got excited, scared or amazed during your stream and clip them.

This update also makes our Automated clips feature available to all users regardless of their BRO plan status. Just enable it in your Pulsoid profile and let us get clips for you every time your heart rate spikes!

Turn on Automated clips

Open your profile Settings > Automated clips sections > Choose 'On' and set a trigger BPM

Reports list page

Open the Reports page, and you will see your overall stats for a chosen period of time, and a list of all stream reports available for your account.

Overall statistics shows maximum bpm, average bpm, number of calories burned, and hours streamed for a period chosen in the top right corner. You can also see how these metrics have changed compared to the same period before this.

Click on a stream in the reports list to see a report for that specific stream.

Heart rate stream report

You can see games, heart rate related metrics, graph of how your heart rate have changed during the stream, VOD of your stream (if available), and automated clips created during the stream on a stream report page.

Stream report page is a great place where you can check how your stream went in terms of emotions and heart rate.

Your stream's heart rate graph is the centrepiece of the page. It guides you through your most emotionally charged moments of the broadcast. Just click on a segment you with to learn more about and it'll show up on your VOD.

If you have Automated clips or Discord integration enabled, the clips taken by Pulsoid will appear in the lower part of the page for you to look through and share.

Your time is your most important resource, so next time you find yourself searching through hours of VODs for the moments where you clutched on the last hp, check your stream reports. Chances are your heart left you some hints on what moments will make an entertaining compilation!



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