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Heart rate monitoring for live-streaming by Pulsoid

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Live-streaming platforms are growing and there are over 15 million unique channels in Q2 2020 on most popular platforms with Twitch’s market share about 65%. Since Q2 2018 Twitch and other platforms have grown at least twice according to Industry reports.

Heart Rate Widgets By Pulsoid

Live streaming now is more about the personality, community, entertainment, that's why new tools are created to assist broadcasters in creating engaging and fresh content. Pulsoid is a unique service for streamers allowing to show real-time heart rate on the screen while broadcasting or while recording Let's Play.

What do I need to use Pulsoid?

  • Heart Rate Monitor. We recommend using CooSpo monitors like CooSpo H808S or CooSpo H6. CooSpo makes reliable and affordable monitors, which makes it the best choice when you want to try live-streaming with Heart Rate

  • Mobile application for iOS or Android


How does it work?

  1. Login in the app with credentials

  2. Connect heart rate monitor in mobile app

  3. Configure your own widgets on

  4. Copy widget URL on website and use in your OBS with Browser Source

What do people say?

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