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Gift coupons purchase - BRO plan

You can now buy BRO plan coupons for your favourite content creator! We've received many requests to add this feature from viewers and streamers alike. No wonder! Tools that can boost and amplify one's creativity are among the best gifts for passionate content creators. Pulsoid BRO plan is definitely such a tool! From now on, you can purchase a Pulsoid BRO plan coupon for your favourite streamer, community giveaway, or any other occasion.

How to buy a BRO plan gift coupon:

  1. Open the Coupon purchase page

  2. Pick a coupon you'd like to buy (1 month, 3 months, or 1 year)

  3. Proceed with payment. Include your valid email address in the form

  4. Get redirected to the coupon page after the purchase

  5. Get an email with your coupon

  6. Share the coupon with your friend, favourite content creator, or giveaway winner!

How to redeem a BRO plan coupon:

There is a direct link to redeem your coupon in the email you received after your purchase. This is the easiest way to do it. You can share this link with a recipient. Here is a full guide for you if you got a BRO plan coupon code as a gift and want to redeem it.

  1. Log into your Pulsoid account or sign up

  2. Visit the Dashboard -> Features -> click 'Redeem coupon'

  3. Enter your coupon in the input field and click 'Validate'

  4. Click 'Redeem'. Contact us if anything is wrong with your coupon

  5. Done! Enjoy the full power of the Pulsoid BRO plan

No matter who you get a Pulsoid BRO plan coupon for, tools that are meant to amplify creativity and expressiveness will always make passionate content creators happy.



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