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Get support for your charity stream or special event with our Pulsoid Fund initiative

The desire to create, entertain and make a difference often goes hand in hand. We at Pulsoid really want you to be successful in all of those. That's why we launched the Pulsoid Fund - our initiative to support your charity projects and special events like tournaments, speed running contests, and more.

If you feel like Pulsoid can be helpful in your endeavor, fill in this form

Here are some examples of support we can offer:

- Heart rate monitor giveaway

- BRO plan giveaway

- Social media support

- Personal BRO plan discount

Pulsoid is a creator tool so most of those will work best if you have content creators among your viewers. Think of the ways Pulsoid can be useful for your particular event. We will be processing requests on a rolling basis.

Note: the stream should feature a Pulsoid widget.

Here are some of the projects that Pulsoid Fund already helped with

KiraP_RaptorGirl held a charity stream to raise money for Kyiv Humanitarian HQ first aid kit fundraising

AnotherMiddleAgedNerd held a charity stream for the British Heart Foundation

Pinkgamingg held charity stream to support GLSEN

DeeDoesPlays held a Battle Royale Tournament in Warzone



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