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Automated clips creation in Discord with Pulsoid

We are adding a new feature to Pulsoid - automated clips creation in Discord! It will take clips of the moments, when you are most excited and your heart rate spikes and post them to the channel of choice on your Discord server. No fuss. Just a few moments for initial configuration and our service will take care of the rest.

To set everything up just follow these simple steps. Open your Pulsoid Dashboard and go to the Integrations section.

Here you’ll need to press an “Add to my integrations” button for the Discord Webhooks.

Next press the “Configure” button.

Here you have to make sure you activate the Clip enabled option and add a correct URL for your Twitch channel. Change the heart rate at which clips will be created using the Trigger heart rate field and change the minimum time between posts using the Trigger window field.

Setting up a Discord Webhook

You’ll need to create a Discord Webhook for one of your text channels to set everything up and running. Just open your server’s configurations and go to Settings > Integrations > Create Webhook.

After creating your webhook and choosing a channel your clips will be posted to, you can obtain its URL and paste it to the Webhook URL field in Discord webhooks Pulsoid integrations.

Use {{HEART_RATE}} and {{CLIP_URL}} tags in the Message field to choose where your heart rate for the moment when clip was taken and a link to access it will be shown in the webhook’s message.

Now you are all set up! Never lose moments of pure excitement, terror and surprise in your past broadcasts. Having them timely clipped will make it easier to use them later in posts, compilations or channel trailers and your Discord server’s dwellers will always be notified when your stream starts going intense for them to witness it themselves.

Note: make sure that you have the clip creation option enabled for everyone in your Twitch settings as our bot unfortunately won’t be able to auto follow your channel due to the Twitch restrictions. Alternatively, you can contact our support and we’ll sort it out manually.



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