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6 Pulsoid features to make your Halloween streams even spookier

Updated: Jan 24

October is the best for all you horror fans and spooky stuff lovers out there. If you're into streaming or making cool content, you can't help but get excited about the whole vibe. Spookiness adds that extra kick to anything you create, while the cozy fall feels bring out the kid in you. No wonder this time of the year gets everyone's creative juices flowing. So, we thought we'd hook you up with some cool tips to level up your Spooktober streaming game using Pulsoid

Jump scare counter widget

Horror games can really get your heart racing. Ever wondered how many times it happens in one gaming session? Add our Jump scare counter widget, and you'll know. Set your spooked heart rate level and Pulsoid does the rest, counting each spike while preventing false alarms. You can even make it interactive for your viewers, setting challenges for every jump scare. Share your total jump scare count on social media after your stream for some extra fun updates! And our Stream Reports will help to expand the stats you can share.

Сustom images alert

🚨Do you want to add a custom alert to your streams, when your heart rate goes through the roof?

That's easy to do with our Custom Pictures widget. Just follow these simple steps and your users will always know, when they should be concerned on those midnight Phasmo sessions👻

Sound alert widget

🔊😨 Do you want sound alerts for when your heart rate hits a certain threshold on your spooky streams? Our Custom Sound widget can help you with that!

Spooktober style widgets

We're huge horror game fans, and our widgets show it! They're perfect for your favorite scary titles and even work great with other horror games or real-life spooky activities. Plus, we've got some special widgets just for Halloween. If you're all about that spooky vibe, why not go all in?

Lumia Stream integration

Speaking of vibes, our Lumia Stream integration nails it. Picture your smart lights syncing with your heart rate as you're chased in Dead by Daylight or Outlast. It doesn't get more atmospheric than that. Check out our article for more on this integration and a handy setup guide.

Voicemod integration

The Voicemod integration works in a similar way, but it alters your voice instead of controlling lights. You can choose your favorite voice filters for different heart rate ranges or even sound like a frightened baby. Take a look at this article for a simple setup guide.

The Halloween season is already thrilling, and your personality is your best asset for keeping your audience engaged. So go ahead, express yourself fully (within the Twitch content guidelines, of course!). Pulsoid is simply offering you some extra tools for that added flair.

For more ways to level up your stream, take a look at our guide on making your Spooktober streams exceptionally chilling.



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