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5 Pulsoid features to make your Spooktober streams even spookier

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

October is a special month for horror enthusiasts and all things spooky connoisseurs. If you are a streamer or a content creator in general, it’s hard not to be enamoured by its aesthetics and atmosphere. Emotion is the spice of any content and fear is probably the spiciest of them. On the other hand, it’s contrasted by cosy fall vibes that make you feel like a child again. No wonder this season sparks creativity in so many of us. That’s why we wanted to share with you a couple of ways you can amplify your Spooktober streaming experience using Pulsoid:

Jump scare counter widget

Horror games will often make your heart skip a bit. We all know how it goes: you walk down the long hallway with a flickering flashlight, turn around and BOOM - your soul leaves your body. But have you ever wondered exactly how many such moments are in your average gaming session? Well, our Jump scare counter widget has you covered. Just set up your spooked heart rate level and Pulsoid will count times your heart rate spiked with some cooldown to prevent false positives. You can incorporate it into your audience interactions too by setting yourself challenges for every time you get jump scared. The total number of jump scares after a stream is also an interesting metric you can share on social media to let everyone know how your stream went.

Horror game widgets

Our team loves horror games, and we have a lot of widgets that prove that. These widgets were designed with your favorite scary titles in mind but will look awesome paired with any horror game (or even some IRL activities). We also have a couple of widgets that would fit the Halloween theme specifically. If you are all about embracing the theme, then you may as well go all out with it!

Lumia stream integrations

Speaking of embracing the vibe. Our Lumia Stream integration is perfect for it. Just imagine your smart lights responding to the changes of your heart rate every time you are chased in Dead by Daylight or Outlast. You really can’t make it more atmospheric than that. Here’s an article with more info about this integration and a guide to get you started.

Voicemod integration

Voicemod integration is somewhat similar in its nature but instead of lights it controls your audio. Set your favorite audio filters for different heart rate ranges or sound quite literally like a baby once scared. This article will help you set it up.

Discord webhook autoclipper

Finally, your horror streams are bound to generate some thrilling moments. Why lose them among the myriads of VODs? Let our Discord Webhook integration clip them for you and share instantly on your Discord server. Those clips will also make for a wonderful compilation of you getting scared to death to entertain your viewers.

Halloween season is exciting as is and your main tool for keeping your audience entertained is your personality. So don’t be scared to express yourself to the fullest (as long as it complies to the Twitch content guidelines hehe). Pulsoid is just providing you some additional tools for expression.

If you want some additional tips for upgrading your stream, check out our tips for making your Spooktober streams terrifyingly good.



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