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Stromno is a heart rate streaming app for your watch. Supports Apple Watches, latest Samsung Watches, and WearOS wathes. Visit the webite to create account and start streaming heart rate from your watch.

Connect accounts and use your watch with all Pulsoid features and integrations


Lumia Stream connects your Smart Lights and devices to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and your community.

Change your lights with Pulsoid heart rate data

Get a 30% discount for the first payment with 'pulsoid' coupon


LIV is your complete toolset for VTubing, Mixed Reality Capture and VR native utilities like in-headset stream chat, alerts and notifications!

Add your real-time heart rate into LIV StreamerKit


Get on-demand access to educational content, expert mentorship, and tools to help you become a successful streamer.

Get a 10% discount for the first payment with 'PULSOID' coupon

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