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How to control your lights (and more) with your heart rate: Pulsoid x Lumia Stream tutorial

In our search for more ways for your heart rate to be integrated into your streaming routine in an entertaining and organic way, we’ve decided to partner with Lumia Stream. Their platform makes smart lights become an integral part of your streaming experience, in our case by acting as a visual representation of your heart rate or its changes. It is rather hard to fit everything this service is capable of in one article and we are sure their extensive guides, blog updates and video instructions will do a very good job explaining everything by themselves, you just have to know that it’s a well rounded and useful toolkit for almost every streamer and the addition of Pulsoid integration makes it even better. Here we’ll walk you through the initial setup process.

1. Install Lumia Stream

First of all, after installing Lumia Stream to your computer you’ll need to connect your lights to it. Go to the Connections tab in the left sidebar, then Lights and Add Lights. You’ll be presented with the list of supported devices from which you can choose yours.

2. Connect your Pulsoid account

After your lights are configured it’s time to connect Pulsoid. Once again open the Connections tab and choose Streaming Services this time. Then go to Add New Connection and choose Pulsoid in the list of available streaming services.

Note: Pulsoid x Lumia Stream integration is a BRO plan feature. Get a BRO plan discount with our special offer for the occasion.

Follow the authorization process to connect Pulsoid to your Lumia stream account.

If everything is done correctly your heart rate data should appear in the upper left corner of the app. You’ll need to have your heart rate monitor on, of course.

3. Set up heart rate alerts

Now let's set up one of the possible heart rate triggered scenarios. Open the Alerts tab in the left sidebar and go to the Activity Monitor.

Here you can choose specific BPM ranges to activate corresponding lights colors.

You can also make your lights pulse in sync with your heart rate with a BPM Sync feature and more! Play around with settings to create scripts that fit your style.

As mentioned above, Lumia Stream is capable of more than lights manipulation. You can add Text to Speech or Chat Bot heart related events etc.

4. Set up BPM sync state and use it

Lumia Stream can also allow your lights to beat at the same rate as your heart. This is a premium feature in Lumia. To enable it you can either tie it to a chat command that chat can trigger, set it as your Default State, set it as an Idle State, or have it triggered on any of your alerts.

To get the most out of Pulsoid x Lumia Stream, you'll want to set BPM sync as your default state while also setting up your Heart rate alerts. This will make it so that BPM sync also changes the colors of your lights as your heart rate changes.

Visit Lumia Stream for some further information and play around with their script settings. We promise it will open new ways for you to interact with your viewers and create some entertaining moments for you to share.

Tell us about your scenarios of choice and share some moments of your stream where Pulsoid and Lumia Stream made everything a bit more fun. We’ll gladly showcase them on our socials and give you a shout out!



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