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Partners Program


become a part of Pulsoid family

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Most of our users get many questions about a tool they use for heart rate streaming and we know that with much pleasure you tell people about Pulsoid.
With a partners program launch, we want to create an easy way to share info about Pulsoid and show our appreciation with some perks.

How to apply?


Fill in the form to apply to a partners program. 


What are the requirements?


The program is still under development and requirements will be announced later. We can say now that partner status will require some number of streams with Pulsoid, so it's for active users.  When you apply we will ask for your stats and will get back to you when we can discuss a partnership with you. The program will be managed manually so we plan to accept just a few channels per month. 

Why should I apply?


The main reason to apply is to provide some additional bonuses for your community when you tell about Pulsoid. The program is still under development and the perks list will be announced later. Right now we are thinking of giving partners a BRO plan for the partnership period, a discount code, a personal partner page to be shared with your viewers, and coupons for your community. Ideally, we'd love to add a rev share and merch but we do not expect it to happen this year

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